Marie-Antoinette dress


Marie-Antoinette  dress for girls
child to 9 years old 76 £
from 10 to 16 years old 80 £
hoop in the bottom of the dress 9 £
pleated satin necklace 8 £
cape  30 £
 choice of colors
tapes may be white or the same color as the dress, please specify when ordering

Marie-Antoinette dress for women
Marie-Antoinette-dress Marie-Antoinette-dress Marie-Antoinette-dress Marie-Antoinette-dress Marie-Antoinette-dress
without crinoline dress with crinoline taffeta dress with crinoline cotton dress with crinoline taffeta dress with crinoline
109 £ 252 £ 335 £ 335 £ 335 £

Marie-Antoinette is the only queen of France to Versailles managed to score his taste for decoration

 But also its decorative style dress is often composed of flowers and flower garlands.

She loved pastel colors: almond green, purple, pearl gray and pink of course!

At Trianon, she has managed to create a world of sweetness, surrounded by those she liked, away from the intrigues of the Court.

Her dressmaker Rose Bertin he creates extravagant dresses, matching his hair crazy, then she starts Gaulle vogue dress, chiffon dresses used at the waist by a ribbon accesoirisées simple straw hats put on hair left free.

Marie Antoinette has created a lifestyle, modern in its time. It would be more accurate to describe the style of this period, called the Louis XVI style to call Marie-Antoinette.

It evokes sleek and discreet, often inspired by antiquity, the return to nature and a certain simplicity, and is imbued with exquisite grace, as we can still see the Petit Trianon.