Empress Sissi dress

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the Necklace dress The engagement dress The Starry dress
with the cape-traine
child size (crinoline include) 164 £
women size (crinoline include) 177 £
child size (crinoline include) 202 £
women size (crinoline include) 215 £
child size (crinoline include) 177 £
women size (crinoline include) 185 £

Empress Sissi dress is the ultimate dress crinoline. The hoop petticoat gives volume to the dress that measure 3m in circumference. Dresses the film with Romy Schneider are all wonderful but that the necklace and dress Engagement are unforgettable. Wear the robe of the empress sissi makes you want to dance the waltz! The perfect prom dress!

Portrait of Empress Sissi

The famous series Sissi films revealed a star (Schneider Rmy) but also to discover many unknown and misunderstood an Empress.

If historical events mentioned in the film are real, the description of the personality of Sissi (Sissi or German) is very romanticized

It was in 1854 that became Empress Sissi by marriage. Chosen by his cousin Franz Joseph in place of his sister Helen, this story begins with a love!

The couple moved to the Hofburg: composed of more than 2,000 pieces (!), And contrary to what one might think, Sissi and her husband live "just" for example, we removed the bed Sissi's room to transform it into a living ...

We now know the enormous appeal of Sissi for gymnastics: she used quite innovative devices for the time.

Sissi suffocating under the etiquette and protocol of the extremely demanding Viennese court. She then goes on long trips as well as for his health for his morale.

Hit by the loss of many relatives (his son Rodolphe, his sister, his cousin Louis of Bavaria), Sissi will now bear the black clothes and his heart will be won by a perpetual gloom

Sissi will be murdered in 1898 in Geneva ...

Sissi and fashion
In the mid-19th century, two empresses (Eugénie in France and Austria Elisabeth) are considered the most beautiful women in the world.

Little interest in wanting to become a "fashion icon" Sissi was however careful to his physique. Its assets were already in his favor: his hair, his facial features harmonious, its elegant look

Her wardrobe consisted of 17 court dresses, prom dresses 4, 113 pairs of shoes and four corsets

The dress or gown Crinoline Second Empire

Appeared in 1830, the crinoline is a structure consisting of a frame of horsehair hence its name and a linen cloth allowing it to grow. And from January to July petticoats! are placed on the front crinoline dress to give a larger scale and without visible signs of hoops. To alleviate the crinoline began to use more flexible willow hoops connected by strips of fabric. First Circular, crinoline will flatten to lie behind before 1860. Then skirts became less detailed and parallel, crinolines will adopt a cone shape. 1870, the skirt begins to rise on the back of draperies. To better handle the volume of these saw the turn was the day ... is the end of the crinoline!