Donkey skin dresses

for girls
Sun color dress 126 £
Moon color dress 200 euros
Weather color dress 200 euros
Adjustable straps dress, lined & hoop bottom of the dress included
donkey skin cape
76 £
gold and white cape 45 euros
for women
Sun color dress 300 euros
donkey skine cape 95 euros


Beautiful dress Donkeyskin color Sun, LA princess dress inspired by the film Donkeyskin with Catherine Deneuve. Disguise the true ane skin cape to wear with the donkey skin. There are also colored dress and that of the Moon Temps.Ce Skin ane will suit your Princess dream for a long time! Ane skin cape costume sold separately.

Adjustable strap dress in gold lamé and satin white, decorated with golden braid, lined, 2m hoop in the bottom of the dress

Donkey Skin is a tale whose most famous version is that of Charles Perrault, published in 1694, it would be the first fairytale written French.

Cinema and theater have often been inspired by this story. And again in 2010, with a comic book and a play. But it was in 1970 through the film by Jacques Demy, that little girls will find this tale with wondering eyes: I must say that the scenery (filmed in real castles such as Chambord and Plessis-Bourre) are grandiose (and inspired by the world of Cocteau's Beauty and the Beast 1946) and costumes, unforgettable (Pace and designed by Augusto Gitt Magrini, made by Maria Tirelli and Gromstseff).

Found in many film references to other tales: The Sleeping Beauty, Cinderella, Snow White

The story ... A dying queen made her husband promise not to take a new wife woman more beautiful than she. True to his promise, the king asks his daughter in marriage only girl more beautiful than the queen. On the advice of her godmother, the princess asked her father dresses most unlikely of each other, but he always manages to achieve them. She asks him to sacrifice his ass ... and fled! A prince passing by chance in the forest where Peau d'ane is hidden discovers dressed in her best dress and falls Amoureaux. Love the feverish and makes request as a remedy cake Peau d'Ane. By performing the famous "love cake", she drops her ring into the batter. The prince asks that all women of the kingdom come and try the ring ... only Donkey Skin succeed to put this ring! The prince's wife of course!

The message here is to little girls, we like his parents, but "we do not marry her daddy!" Dixit Fairy Godmother-