Cinderella dress
new ! add glitz and glitter to dress Cinderella to make it even more magical!

for little girls 49£
+ glitz & glitter  + 8£
for women 65£
hoop in the hem
Cinderella apron 29£
complete kit (to make the dress yourself) 29£
princess cape 29£
choice of color see

the neck can be white or the same color as the dress, please specify when ordering

Cinderella dress is the dream of every little girl. In satin fabric, it is charming in pink princess dress or any other color of your choice

Little girls love pink color :

A recent British study says that women are "naturally attracted" by the pink-red tones. The explanation would come from far away to ancient times of prehistory, where women were responsible for gathering (while the men hunted ...). They sought precisely the berries in the middle of a vast green. Closer to us, in the eighteenth century women fardaient red to ease mine. From a female point of view, the rose remained the color of health, life and beauty!

Cinderella legend was born in 1950 with the release of Disney cartoon, but behind it is a tale by Charles Perrault, Cinderella or the Little Glass Slipper published in 1697, reprinted by the Brothers Grimm in 1812 under Aschenputtel title. But fun to discover we find this type of tale from the child to the throne of darkness everywhere through the ages. Whether it's Cinderella or other fairy tales, all of which were suitable for children, although originally they were used to convey a number of principles

Cinderella is a nickname, but what is his real name then? Mystery!

And for glass slippers? or vair?

Difficult to walk elegantly with inflexible shoes like glass! and shoes with vair, that is to say squirrel fur? ah yes, it should be more comfortable!

Why tell fairy tales to children?

In the era of the Internet and video games, fairy tales with their share of bad guys and good guys always captivated children: why?

In fairy tales, it starts badly but it always ends well! These infantile anxieties are now much the same for centuries and simply tales help children deal with their deep questions.

Form of storytelling magic allows them to find answers to these questions and so it has not found its interpretation, you tell the story again and again ...


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Dominique Pir, December 12, 2000